What We Do

FHI Studio offers a wealth of expertise across our four studios. We look at the whole to understand the parts of every project, large or small. Our integrated staff and services apply knowledge across disciplines to address challenges and advance solutions. Our ability to communicate complex issues is central to everything we do.

Who We Are

We are planners, ecologists, engineers, and designers with a passion for enhancing communities. From a one-woman founder to a staff of nearly 60 professionals in 2024, FHI Studio continues to grow without sacrificing what matters most: our client service, our culture, and our values.

From our internal StudioLab brainstorm sessions, through client, stakeholder, and public engagement, we bring diversity of knowledge and the creativity to deliver results to clients and communities.

Why It Matters

FHI Studio believes in a fair and just society. We also believe equity is the key to effective planning and design. Our work is built on a set of core values with unwavering commitment to engagement across race, gender, ethnicity, and income.

We value continuing education, industry engagement, leadership, and giving back to local communities. FHI Studio is an inclusive and philanthropic company, one that supports diversity, charitable giving, social engagement, and environmental stewardship.