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How to Create A Plan That Puts People First

We strive to plan sustainable, equitable, accessible, and desirable communities that improve the lives of those that live, work...Read More

Give your Project a
Branding Boost

Google. Apple. Coca-Cola. What comes to mind when you hear these words? For Apple, you probably think of technological innovation and... Read More
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Tactical Urbanism for Safer Streets

The Waterbury Green in Waterbury, CT is a lively hub for public transit in the heart of the City and is surrounded by popular everyday destinations for... Read More

FHI Studio News

Our New President

With a 35-year history of strong female leadership, FHI Studio is pleased to announce the promotion of another strong woman leader - our new President, Carla Tillery! Read More

FHI Studio Introduces New Owners

FHI Studio has been an employee-owned company since our founding 35 years ago. Remaining employee-owned is our goal. To accomplish this, we have a Generational Ownership Succession model that promotes continued employee investment into FHI Studio while providing unique career and entrepreneur opportunities to our staff. Read More

Project Wrap-Up: Sleepy Hollow & Tarrytown Multimodal Commuter Transportation Strategy

Alongside our client and partners, Scenic Hudson and the Villages of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, we are so excited to share the completion of the Sleepy Hollow & Tarrytown Multimodal Commuter Transportation Strategy! ...Read More

FHI Studio Partners with Westchester County for Complete Streets Workshops

FHI Studio is happy to share that we were selected to lead two Complete Streets Workshops in Westchester County communities! FHI Studio kicked off the project in October 2021 and conducted a walk audit in Bronxville that identified opportunities to create a safe route to school through a combination of...Read More