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Five Keys to a Successful Trail Project – From FHI Studio’s New Design Director

FHI Studio believes the best projects result from creative and integrated planning and design. Integrating and collaborating across our four Studio Practices (Design, Mobility, Planning, and Engagement) is fundamental to a successful project. Read More

How to Create A Plan That Puts People First

We strive to plan sustainable, equitable, accessible, and desirable communities that improve the lives of those that live, work, and travel through the areas we serve. A major component of this process is ensuring a strong focus on a robust community engagement process to put people at the forefront. Read More
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Give your Project a Branding Boost

Google. Apple. Coca-Cola. What comes to mind when you hear these words? For Apple, you probably think of technological innovation and...Read More

Tactical Urbanism for Safer Streets

The Waterbury Green in Waterbury, CT is a lively hub for public transit in the heart of the City and is surrounded by popular everyday destinations for... Read More

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Leading FHI Studio into the Future

At FHI Studio, we are committed to empowerment and leadership development. Our corporate culture is centered around nurturing the next generation of trailblazers and paving the way for their success. Starting with just one founder in 1987, we've grown into a thriving team of over 50 passionate individuals, led by a dedicated group of 15 employee owners. Read More

FHI Studio’s Landscape Architecture Group Celebrates One Year!

It’s been just over a year since FHI Studio acquired its Landscape Architecture Practice, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our mission is to advance designs focused on people and places, and landscape architecture perfectly complements the ground-breaking planning and engineering services we have always been known for. Read More

FHI Studio Introduces New Design Director

To support our growing design practice, we are pleased to announce our new Director of Design, Joe McDonnell. Joe brings extensive knowledge of creative design strategies, team building, and project management to FHI Studio. He has over 25 years of experience in all phases of... Read More

Our #FHIFavorites from this Summer

This summer, the FHI Studio team had the pleasure to volunteer with one of our valued clients, the Bushnell Park Foundation! Our team assisted the foundation with maintaining the garden beds, spreading mulch rings around trees, as well as litter removal around the oldest publicly-funded park in the country.. Read More