Who We Are

We are planners, engineers, environmental specialists, designers, and communication experts driven by a passion to enhance communities while helping our clients advance projects. From a one-woman founder to nearly 60 multidisciplinary staff in four states, FHI Studio continues to grow without sacrificing what matters most: our client service, our culture, and our values.


FHI Studio's corporate culture emphasizes respect, individuality, learning, and opportunity. We promote a flexible work environment that values performance above all, enabling a strong work-from-home network alongside our office locations. Our organizational structure fosters collaboration across service lines and geographies to engage our staff and serve our clients.


  • Susan VanBenschoten, PE
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Carla Tillery

  • Ken Livingston, AICP
    Planning & Communications Service Leader

  • Mike Morehouse, PE
    Transportation & Design Service Leader

  • Marcy Miller, AICP
    Director of Corporate Growth

  • Laurel Stegina, AICP
    Director of Corporate Sustainability/Environmental Design Manager

  • Kristen Ahlfeld, PP, AICP
    Director of Project Services

  • Alexandra Correa
    Finance Director

  • Kelley Kelly
    Legal & Office Operations Director

  • Joe McDonnell, RLA, LEED AP BD +C
    Design Studio Director

  • Chris Henry, AICP
    Mobility Studio Director

  • Stephanie Dyer-Carroll, AICP
    Planning Studio Director

  • Leslie Black
    Engagement Studio Director

  • Michael Ahillen, AICP
    Transportation Planning Manager

  • Phil Barlow, PLA, AICP, LEED AP
    Senior Design Advisor

  • Rachel Bright
    Branding & Marketing Manager

  • Susan Bemis, AICP
    Environmental Planning Manager

  • Francisco Gomes, AICP, ASLA
    Comprehensive Planning Manager

  • Elizabeth Marchion
    Finance Manager & HR Specialist

  • Toni Pignatelli
    Community Engagement Manager

  • Jim Redeker
    Senior Strategist

  • Eric Smith
    Technology Manager

  • Adam Tecza, PP, AICP
    Urban Design Manager

  • Ryan Walsh, AICP, PP
    Strategic Communications Manager

  • Leah Beckett
    Senior Planner

  • Stephanie Brooks
    Senior Project Manager

  • Hannah Brockhaus, AICP
    Project Manager

  • Kerrine Catucci

  • Shawn Callaghan, PSS
    Project Manager

  • Nicole Detora
    Urban Planner/Designer

  • Sebastian Dominguez
    IT Specialist

  • Maura Fitzpatrick
    Senior Project Manager

  • Ayush Gala
    Urban Design Intern

  • Ronald Gautreau, Jr.
    Environmental Scientist

  • James Gilligan
    Senior Transit Specialist

  • Sara Grossman
    Graphic Designer

  • Daniel Hageman, PSS, NHCWS
    Senior Environmental Scientist

  • Hailey Hyun
    Urban Design Intern

  • Raul Irizarry
    Project Manager

  • Rory Jacobson, AICP
    Project Manager

  • Kelsey Kahn
    Senior Planner

  • Kyle Kleef
    DBE & Affirmative Action Specialist

  • Andy Lau
    Landscape Designer

  • Nicholas Mandler
    Transportation Engineer

  • Christian Mazur

  • Nicole McCallum

  • Tiffany Milledge
    Office Manager

  • Kate Montgomery
    Senior Landscape Architect

  • Laura Nagle

  • Maya Návar
    Community Engagement Specialist

  • Michaela Phonkhoumphon
    Senior Business Development Administrator

  • Melissa Pineda
    Senior Planner

  • Ashley Pleva
    Billing Specialist

  • Moises Reyes
    Senior Planner

  • Jacob Skinner
    Environmental Planning Intern

  • Bonnie Torres
    Senior Planner

  • Eliana Villaurel
    Junior Planner

  • David Winslow
    GIS Specialist/Planner

  • Christine Yi
    Transportation Planner
Our Story

Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. was founded in 1987 in Hartford, CT by Ruth (Halliday) Fitzgerald. Ruth believed that planning should encompass all aspects of community and it should be accomplished by integrating active and meaningful engagement throughout the process. Ruth retired in 2019 and remains a welcome member of the FHI Studio family.

Our company has grown but our core values haven't changed: to provide exemplary planning and design services to our clients and to make a difference in our communities. Over the past 4 decades, FHI Studio has evolved from a small, home-based, company with targeted consulting expertise to a full-service planning, design, and communications consulting firm that services clients across the northeast and mid-Atlantic states from three offices. FHI Studio also undertakes federal research programs and provides niche services throughout the U.S. In 2006, FHI Studio transitioned from Ruth as sole owner to an employee-owned company, with a commitment to generational ownership succession.

We encourage creativity and strategic thinking to serve our clients, our communities, and our own growth as professionals. We promote a flexible and supportive work environment, emphasizing collaboration across disciplines and geographies. Our clients and industry partners value us for our integrity, dedication, and quality service.

As we look ahead, we hold firmly to our core values, our culture, and our love for what we do.

416 Asylum Street
Hartford, CT 06103
New York
90 Broad Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10004
New Jersey
926 Haddonfield Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002