FHI Studio Introduces New Owners
March 31, 2022

FHI Studio has been an employee-owned company since our founding 35 years ago. Remaining employee-owned is our goal. To accomplish this, we have a Generational Ownership Succession model that promotes continued employee investment into FHI Studio while providing unique career and entrepreneur opportunities to our staff. More importantly, it ensures a deep bench of company leaders that will lead our business for years to come. We are thrilled to announce three new owners to our shareholder group. Congratulations to our newest owners:

Chris, Kelley, and Ryan join our nine existing owners, expanding our ownership group to 12 shareholders.

“I'm so thrilled to have Chris, Kelley, and Ryan as new owners of FHI Studio. I have had the pleasure to work with each of them for many years and look forward to this new partnership. Each of them have consistently demonstrated a commitment to FHI Studio that goes well beyond their individual management roles. As established leaders within the company, they exemplify our core values of Community, Strategy, and Connection on a daily basis. Welcome Chris, Kelley and Ryan”

- Susan VanBenschoten, CEO of FHI Studio