What We Do

FHI Studio integrates expertise in a wide array of services and technical disciplines. Across planning, engagement, mobility, and design, we look at the whole to understand the parts of every project. From internal brainstorm sessions to client, stakeholder, and public workshops, we bring a diversity of knowledge and the creativity to get things done.

Our four studios work together to ensure comprehensive and thoughtful solutions, demonstrating our commitment to continual learning and collaboration.

Ken Livingston, AICP
Planning & Communications
Service Leader

Connect with Ken

Ken is responsible for leading FHI Studio's planning and engagement service areas. An experienced planner and project manager, Ken's expertise focuses on community/urban planning and strategic engagement to move projects forward. Ken specializes in incorporating innovative technological applications into the planning profession. He continuously pushes FHI Studio to learn and embrace new software, technology, and tools to advance our operations. He serves on the board of CT Main Street Center and Congress for New Urbanism - New England Chapter. Additionally, he serves on his town's Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee. He is a former board member of Bike Walk Connecticut. In his free time, he is an avid runner and "wannabe" triathlete. In the past few years, he has completed the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim run and completed a 50-mile ultramarathon trail race.

Mike Morehouse, PE
Transportation & Design
Service Leader

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Mike is a transportation engineer and a leader in livable street design. He excels in master planning, systems engineering, conceptual design, and community engagement; and is a lifelong proponent of continuous personal and professional development which he applies at FHI Studio by advancing research and development initiatives and collaborative learning engagements. Mike is fascinated by zymurgy and hooked on micromobility. His other interests include guitar, all things mechanical, college basketball and mixed martial arts.